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Graph Convolution Network Classifier with Sparse Adjacency Matrix Prior

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Benchmarking performances of Fully Connected Network (FCN), Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) & Graph Convolution Network with 3 different priors on MNIST.

Available Models

1. Fully Connected
2. Graph (with my Custom Adj Matrix - default)
3. Convolution
4. Graph (with Gaussian Adj Matrix)
5. Graph (with Trainable Adj Matrix)

Implementation of a Graph Neural Network Classifier with 3 different priors

1. Sparse Adjacency Matrix (Feng et al., 2020)
2. Gaussian Adjacency Matrix & Normalization as per (Kipf & Welling et al., ICLR 2017)
3. Trainable Adjacency Matrix (Predict Edges)


1. Python 3
2. PyTorch
3. Numpy
4. Networkx
5. Scipy


1. python --model fc
2. python --model conv
3. python --model gaussian_graph
4. python --model graph --pred_edge
5. python --model graph
Akshay Joshi
M. Sc. Data Science & Artificial Intelligence